31 May 2021

What’s The Difference Between Clipping Path And Masking?

What’s The Difference Between Clipping Path And Masking?

Image masking and Clipping path are two valuable and efficient image editing methods. These are applied to eliminate unwanted objects from picture background, segregate a subject from a background. However, are there any differences among Clipping Path vs. Image Masking methods? YES. Clipping path and image masking both do the similar work. But the difference is the path to remove, remove or isolate the object from picture.

Clipping Path Overview

Clipping path is the highly fundamental and important methods of photo editing. It is generally utilized in image retouching services, color correction, background elimination, shadow making and so on. It is conducted out by applying the pen tool in photoshop to cut precise shape, pattern, hole, and design. This is mainly applied for severe, hard, sharp, smooth, and straight edges pictures. Designers should be cautious because a small flaw results in strange and unworkable. So, to do it in the proper and ideal way, it is always safer to zoom the pictures as much as possible. So designers can find to close to the edges and cut the consecutive lines effortlessly. This will surmount the risk of wasting photo quality.

Image Masking Overview

Image masking or layer masking is another method for revealing or hide a few parts, for high-end retouching also background remove of a photo. Masking is usually applied when the photo has so many turns, curves, complicated soft edges, bunches of lines and low details. Particularly while the subject is smoke, fur, human hair, feathers, glasses, sweater, blanket, lighting, flames. In photoshop, image masking can be conducted out by background eraser tool, magic eraser tool, and color separation method. Clipping masking is used to alter, change, add a new layer to eliminate unwanted parts or objects from the photo. This is mainly utilized for commercial reasons, to create product catalogs, leaflets, brochures. This is also utilized in printing, media, photography, online products, innovative design organizations and so on.

Clipping Path Vs. Image Masking: Which is Most Excellent for Background Removal?

So, we can see that the key distinction between clipping path and image masking is the method applied for background removal. Both of them have several benefits and drawbacks. With Clipping Path, you can retouch numerous photos at a time, and with photo masking, you can remove one object at a time. Clipping path utilize pen tool, clipping mask utilize background eraser tool to eliminate the object from the background.

In Short, clipping path is the finest path to eliminate the background from a photo when the subject of the photo has fewer lines, tiny curves, straight, round, or rectangular shapes with a least quantity of holes. On the other hand, more multifaceted, complicated photos with so many turns, curves, complicated soft edges, bunch of lines require clipping masks. Clipping path can be used for complex images, but the difficulty is, the result will not be as attractive, desirable, and natural if it would have been done with photo masking.

Bottom Line is both Clipping path and image masking are mainly utilized to eliminate photo backgrounds from online stores, e-commerce products to make products seem more qualified, natural, and desirable. So, the significance of clipping path and image masking are both similarly elevated. And we also understand how valuable of each and every online and e-commerce product photo look is! If you require specialized clipping path service or image masking service to remove unwanted objects, background elimination support from your e-commerce product photos, contact us anytime for your quotation.