27 Apr 2021

Three Novel Places to Feature eCommerce Product Images

Three Novel Places to Feature eCommerce Product Images

For eCommerce and brick-and-mortar brands with an online existence, your product pictures are one of your extremely valuable marketing assets. 83% of US consumers think about product pictures to be extremely effective in their buying decision, and those product pictures deliver the quality and esthetics of your products in an instant. But merely putting those product pictures on your website isn't sufficient. So where else can you put them? You can tactically place those product pictures into your marketing promotions to drive demand and breed brand allegiance. Here's how you do it.

1. Why Your Pictures Should Become Texts

Text vs. pictures. It's the grand dispute. Do blog posts work well, or should you be delivering text-based advertisements? Both undoubtedly work. But sending product pictures to your consumers via text-based marketing (SMS) is the ideal medium to integrate your product pictures. Let's look at the facts. 

The median text open ratio is 90% and the median text reaction ratio is around 45%. Those are substantial numbers, particularly when we evaluate that with emails, which have open ratios of 20% and reaction percentages of 6%. 

Not just will people open it up and glance at them, but they will get to see a peek of your real product. Blend this with pixel movement and shopping cart neglect trackers and you can provide hyper-relevant product images to a moderate where your chances are bound to be seeing. That's a win-win. 

And if you’re on the railing about using SMS, remainder ensured that SMS marketing is opt-in just and that there is no way for brands to market to consumers without their permission. Therefore, those consumers who leave their phone numbers on opt-in forms are demanding to be text-marketed.

2. Using Pop-Ups With Product Photos

If used appropriately, pop-ups can be an extremely influential medium. The best 10% of pop-up promotions have transfer ratios that hover around 10%. 

So, hit your guests with a well-implemented popup that incorporates product images. 

Are you prepared for the cherry on leading? Add a price cut to the pop-up. It doesn't have to be a huge discount but you should absolutely add one. Not only do 92% of customers use discounts, but adding that discount provides you a little else. It provides you their email. What do you require the email for? Read on. We're jumping into a few inboxes.

3. Email Flows

Emails however work. Due to the total number of emails brands send out every single day, they do have smaller open ratios and reply ratios than SMS. But it's way simpler to find an email than it is to find a phone number, and there's even a decent amount of people out there that open brand emails. The typical ROI for email promotions is remarkable with around $32 in return for all $1 spent. 

For eCommerce, emails aren't only excellent at getting several consumers they're a fantastic path to combat the ever-increasing shopping cart neglect problem that continues through the eCommerce industry. Did somebody check out some items and then leave? If so, deliver them a discard cart email. But what if they nevertheless don't purchase? 

Deliver them product picture emails each once in a while. They clunked Attach to Cart for a reason. There was intent there. You only have to guess out how to re-engage your consumers in a significant direction. Sending them emails with product pictures contained as in hero banners is a fantastic route to do only that. It re-introduces them to your product in a very much visual manner and triggers that existing buy intention in the back of their brains. 

1. Topic triggers

Let's speak that you have a blog that posts natural subjects about the type of products you offer. So, possibly you sell shoes, and you have a shoe fitting guide blogpost. Once readers read that entire blog post, offer them an email with a tagline like  Eyeing for the wonderful shoe fit? How about the great shoe? Then attach amazing photos of your magnificent shoes. 

2. Shopping cart rejection triggers

Did they abandon those shoes in your shopping pushcart? Keep those shoes in their edge by showing them derelict cart email springs. Deliver them an email with a large, bright, gorgeous photo of your sneakers.

3. Past buying triggers

If you're not overlap-selling, you must be. It improves bottom-line profits by up to 30%. And you don't much have to work for it. Only by delivering an automated email of your cross-sell loaded with stunning product pictures, you can put people back into that buying attitude.

4. Deal trigger

If they gave their email in return for a discount, try delivering them a product picture founded on their browsing actions on your website. After all, they want to use that discount, right? 

There are hundreds of these kinds of triggers where product pictures only fit organically. It would be a disgrace to disregard that incredible artistic you have put into your arsenal. 

Final Thoughts

Don't collect all of those high-value product pictures in the nooks-and-crevices of your website. Get them in front of peoples' confronts. All time one of your attempts sees a product picture, they're one step nearer to transforming.