01 Jun 2021

Three Amazing Places to Feature eCommerce Product photos

Three Amazing Places to Feature eCommerce Product photos

For eCommerce and brick-and-mortar brands with an online presence, your product photos are one of your very important marketing properties. 83% of US customers think about product photos to be exceptionally useful in their purchasing decision, and those product photos provide the quality and aesthetics of your products in an instant. But simply putting those product photos on your website isn't enough. So where else can you put them? You can strategically place those product photos into your marketing campaigns to drive order and breed brand loyalty. Here's how you do it.

1. Why Your Pictures Should Become Texts

Text vs. photos. It's the grand disagreement. Do blog posts do well, or should you be providing text-based ads? Both certainly perform. But sending product photos to your customers via text-based marketing (SMS) is the perfect medium to incorporate your product photos.

2. Applying Pop-Ups With Product Images

If utilized properly, pop-ups can be an enormously powerful medium. The top 10% of pop-up campaigns have transfer percentages that hover around 10%.

So, hit your guests with a well-executed popup that combines product photos.

Are you ready for the cherry on top? Include a price cut to the pop-up. It doesn't have to be a massive price cut but you should definitely add one. Not just do 92% of consumers use discounts, but adding that price cut delivers you a little else. It gives you their email. What do you need the email for? Read on. We're leaping into some inboxes.

3. Email Flows

Emails nevertheless work. Due to the overall number of emails brands send out each day, they do have lesser open percentages and answer to percentages than SMS. But it's manner easier to get an email than it is to discover a phone number, and there's even a decent quantity of people out there that open brand emails. The usual ROI for email campaigns is astonishing with around $32 in return for all $1 spent. 

For eCommerce, emails aren't simply superb at getting numerous customers they're a terrific way to combat the ever-growing shopping cart ignore problem that continues through the eCommerce industry. Did somebody inspect several items and then leave? If so, send them a discard cart email. But what if they still don't buy?

Send them product photo emails each once in a while. They clopped Stick to Cart for a reason. There was intention there. You just have to speculate out how to re-engage your customers in a substantial direction. Sending them emails with product photos included as in hero banners is a great way to do just that. It re-introduces them to your product in an extremely widely visual approach and triggers that existing purchase intent in the back of their brains.

1. Topic triggers

Let's talk that you have a blog that posts organic subjects about the kind of products you deal. So, maybe you sell shoes, and you have a shoe fitting manual blogpost. Once readers read that whole blog post, recommend them an email with a tagline as  Eyeing for the fantastic shoe fit? How about the fantastic shoe? Then add incredible pictures of your beautiful shoes.

2. Shopping cart denial triggers

Did they leave those shoes in your shopping cart? Keep those shoes in their edge by demonstrating them derelict cart email springs. Send them an email with a huge, bright, beautiful photograph of your sneakers.

3. Past purchasing triggers

If you're not intersect-selling, you should be. It enhances bottom-line revenues by up to 30%. And you don't a lot have to work for it. Just by sending an automated email of your cross-sell loaded with spectacular product photos, you can put people back into that purchasing mindset.

4. Deal trigger

If they offered their email in return for a price cut, try providing them a product photograph established on their surfing actions on your website. After all, they want to apply that price cut, right?

There are hundreds of these types of triggers where product photos just suited organically. It would be a shame to disrespect that amazing creative you have put into your arsenal.

Final Thoughts

Don't gather all of those high-value product photos in the corners-and-cracks of your website. Find them in front of peoples' faces. All time one of your efforts sees a product photo, they're one step closer to transforming.