11 Aug 2021

These 9 Tips Will Free Up Your Macbook’s HDD Space

These 9 Tips Will Free Up Your Macbook’s HDD Space

How do your MacBook space free? Is the shortage of hard drive space on a Macbook a issue that you are presently facing? Or it could be you are not sure what to do if your itch disk is full?

Free up space on Mac

Several MacBook owners battle with maintaining all the data they want on the computer. Luckily, there are methods to fight against the trouble. Adhere To the tips below, and you would end up with a hard drive that is in superior situation than what you have just now.

1. Check for Temporary Junk Data

Temporary junk files are an obstacle to your Macbook for more purposes than only using hard drive space. The sheer volume of this data overloads the system and lessens the total performance of the computer.

So how does one get rid of unwarranted system junk on a Macbook? Well, there are two possibilities.

The earliest is to change the system settings and retrieve hidden junk files to remove them manually. While it looks like an easy matter, you cannot undervalue the risks of accidentally removing something crucial. Thus, you will require to make file backups. And removing loads of files in general process is not fun work.

The second choice is a good software call cleanup utility tool. Spending money in such software implies that you can take care of temporary system data spontaneously. Introduce the software and choose which files you want to delete.

2. Remove Unnecessary Apps

Delete applications that have been on the Macbook for a while and are no lengthier of any usage to you. There may possibly be a day when you require an app again, but why keep it around and allow it to use the drive space when you can get the application later on?

Even if the majority apps do not take the highly amount of space, getting eliminate them will still benefit if you are eyeing to free up space on Mac HDD.

3. Empty the Trash Can

Dragging files into the Trash Bin does not remove them eternally. You require to empty the Bin every single time. Or Else, all your works are nothing because the files you want to get rid of end up in another location.

Thus, recollect to empty the Trash Bin each time or allow the files inside the Trash Bin to get deleted spontaneously after 30 days.

4. Look for Language Pack Files

Various apps have language support, and files for fifty or even farther languages can take a remarkable amount of space. You barely require anything but the English version, so maintaining other language data creates bit sense.

Look via the files of your applications and remove unnecessary language pack files if you find any.

5. Check Download and Email Folders

Email attachments collect quickly if you depend on emails for communication and work. The download folder is parallel. A Few Mac owners fail to remember about the files they have downloaded.

Keep nearer tabs on equally email and download folders, and ensure that you throw out files after they have done their objective.

6. Subscribe to Streaming Services

Streaming platforms such as Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Netflix allow you watch movies and TV shows on the go. In The Meantime, Spotify has the majority of the music you require.

These services remove the necessary to keep media files on the computer. Even if you have to wage a monthly subscription to access the required content, some dollars should not be a question for the sake of accessibility and enhance the condition for your Mac’s hard drive, right?

7. Use Dropbox or iCloud

iCloud, Dropbox and other cloud services are excellent options if you want to take an approach that does not revolve around removing all file.

Clouds are free of charge with an opportunity to upgrade. A couple of dollars for additional storage sounds like a great deal, particularly when it is such a safe location to maintain your data.

8. Get External HDD or Memory Stick

Comparable to clouds, memory sticks, external hard drives and DVDs also provide as a location to store your data and gain access to it later. Devices similar to external HDDs and memory sticks do not have to be new to do the task. You can find them from second-hand stores or persons who are offering these devices online.

9. Reinstall OS

Occasionally, providing the computer a fresh opening is the best choice. If you are not pleased with your hard drive’s condition despite attempting every single tip in the article, there is however a choice to reinstall the operating system.


The procedure is a bit complex for first-timers, so be sure to read in-depth guidebooks or ask someone who can assist you. Also, keep in mind to make use of Time Machine and create backups of data since your files will come to be erased after you reinstall the OS.