11 Jun 2021

Outdoor Flash Photography Tips with Pets

Outdoor Flash Photography Tips with Pets

Pets are already contemplated crucial members of the family. This is why they also become element of essential activities. Outdoor photography is fun and it also becomes further fascinating with pets as your subject. Capturing the finest moments of your pets while they play outside is definitely extremely pleasing. But it might be a bit difficult particularly if you have an energetic one.

Outdoor Flash Photography Tips For Beginners

To assist you with outdoor flash photography with your pets, here are a few ideas for you

Choose a Familiar Environment

If you want to ensure that the activity will be effective, you have to select a friendly environment. This way, the pet will be relaxed and you do not have to think about adjustments. You can go to the playground where you normally walk your dog. You can also think about a few places nearby your home where the pet normally goes to play. These are the types of environments where you can effortlessly capture fun moments. The pet will definitely begin playing or simply stay calm while you are taking its photograph.

Freeze the Action

In photography, you can clearly capture the temperament of your pet. However, it can be a little difficult because there is a predisposition for the pet to be moving very rapidly. This is for the most part particularly when they are so excited. But you do not have to be concerned about that, all you require to do is to set your camera to be capable to freeze the action.

Feathering the Light

The concept behind this photography approach is to deliver a transition from a full-lighted frame to more concentrated lighting to deliver focus to the subject. It is all about spinning to narrow the light. As you influence the lighting, you will understand how the edges of the light will provide you a fantastic effect on your subject. You can make use of this approach to give importance to your subject. In an outdoor setting, this is a great path to make the photograph more stylish and the subject catchier.

Aim for the Eyes

If you intend to shoot the emotion of your pet, you must aim for the eyes. Most folks are intrigued with the expression of pets. You will see from their eyes how they understand in the instant. This makes the picture more fascinating. To be capable to do this, you can utilize of a zoom lens that can simply cover 28-70mm length or only a standard lens if you do not have one. Go to mode dial and select Aperture Priority. From there, go ahead and select a wide-ranging aperture. Do not utilize flash to keep a soft look on the eyes. Keep the sharpness with the usage of spot metering.

Shoot in Short Quick Bursts

This is one of the outdoor flash photography ideas with pets that are suggested particularly when the subject is in continuous motion. This is generally applied in sports photography but it can also be ideal for your outdoor photography with pets.  This approach is also known as the constant high-speed mode. The photographer, when utilizing burst mode, is capable to capture several pictures by holding or forcing the button down. From there, you will be capable to have opportunities to select from. You can simply choose the best picture from those that you have captured.

Flash-fill from the Camera

As an outdoor photographer, you have to keep in mind that there will be days when the sun is to sunny. It can influence the quality of your pictures. This is where the fill flash approach comes in. This is a bit that you can make apply when you see that the nearby is too bright.

To be capable to make usage of this trick, begin by setting the ambient exposure. With this feature, the picture will definitely look ideal even without utilizing flash. After that, you can now set the flashes until you attain the right quantity of light you need for your subject. The key point here is to make sure that you will be capable to attain the ideal balance. Your subject must not be above or underexposed.

Use Continuous Tracking Focus

One of the main challenges people do not want to face in photography is capturing blurry pictures. This is one of the things that were previously cracked by some key characteristics of DSLR cameras and even Smartphones. You can currently capture sharp pictures even if the subject is changing nonstop.

Light Modifiers Soften Harsh Direct Flash

There are various light modifiers that you can make usage of to soften unkind direct flash. There are also those that ideal for outdoor photography. One instance of this is a scrim. This is utilized to disperse the sun and other natural lighting. You can look for someone to hold it on a light stand. The light that will go through it will be dispersed. As a consequence, the lighting for the subject is also stable. There are several possibilities that you can make use of to modify direct flash. These features are accessible not just to DSLR but also in Smartphones.


Every Single outdoor session with dogs or cats is ideal. It does not matter if they only go to the park to sleep or play, you will definitely love every single moment. So why not capture that camera and capture the most valuable moments with them. Hope our outdoor flash photography ideas with pets would be beneficial for you.