24 Apr 2021

How to Take Photographs of Shoes that People Will Want to Purchase

How to Take Photographs of Shoes that People Will Want to Purchase

Take Pictures Of shoes can be complicated. After all, photographing a sneaker is one thing, but getting wonderful pictures of a high-end Jimmy Choo stiletto is another. When it comes to taking a shoe in a frame, there are several approaches to go about it. You might have to work with a model, but these days you’re more expected to shoot an individual shoe.

In this article we discuss about the last option. We’ll provide you a step-by-step method of how to attain fantastic results and a few tips and tricks to consider for your shoe photography shoot.

1. Begin with a proper set up

Don’t litter time struggling other setup alternatives get a lightbox or a roll of white flawless paper with a high-quality, non-reflective surface. Anything else will charge you a lot of time struggling to make your shots look really right. 

Create your lightbox or hang your flawless paper and set your subject shoes so they’ll be approximately in the middle of your shot. Don’t drive them too far back in your scene or you’ll wind up with odd shadows that will be hard to remove after the fact. 

2. Add lighting

Once More, save yourself time and dissatisfaction by using tried-and-true lighting methods. A lightbox will require one light on either side and one from the top. This will make your background pleasant and light and virtually remove shadows. 

Shooting on flawless involves a related approach, but you’ll have to play a bit more to make those annoying shadows vanish. A three light setup performs well also one on either side and one lighting the background.

3. Get the right angles

When it comes to angles for shoe photography, extra is more. You’d be amazed at how much people want to see the sole of the shoe or the detail on the back. The most important angles to concentrate on are immediately head on, top down, and three quarters, but once you’ve got those, rotate the shoe entirely to ensure you’ve got a lot of other angles, too.

Possible purchasers might would like to see the sole of the shoe, for instance. They’ll also would like to see the heel from the back, and the shape clearly from the side.

4. Double check your details

For Sure, shoes are practical items, but they’re also fashion. If something captures your eye, ensure you feature it notably in your pictures. That could be something as noticeable as a logo or something as straightforward as the eyelet that the laces go into if it’s fascinating in any way, capture it.

5. Clean it up in Photoshop

Even the extremely painstakingly prepared photo can stand to have a slight touch up. Possibly you’ll want to boost contrast to make the details pop, or perhaps you spotted a small scratch on the shoe when you pull it up on screen. Either way, editing your shoe pictures is an essential step. If you don’t feel like devoting hours in Photoshop, you can appoint your own virtual design studio.

Shoe photography finest practices

A few factors to keep in mind when snapping shoes:


This one should come as no wonder. Consumers choose things to be in pristine situation when they appear, and a shoe that looks worn, scraped, or dirty is a huge turnoff. If your subject shoe has any flaws at all, or even if they only require a fast polish, put in the more effort to ensure it looks wonderful.

Clear the clutter

While we’re on that note, ensure your setup is clean and flawless, too. If you’re photographing further than one shoe style in one sitting, ensure the smooth background paper has no signs or wrinkles. You can make use of little props to get the shoe to stay in the spots you’re looking for, but if they appear on camera at all, ensure they’re spotless, too. 

Correct lighting and color

One of the extremely crucial things customers look for when purchasing a pair of shoes is the color. Think Of my magical brown boots that weren’t so tanned after all? This was a situation of too-warm lighting left uncorrected.

If that photographer had utilized neutral lighting and if they’d ensure their white balance was spot on either in camera or in post the color would have been above precise on the website.

One additional thing on that point when you’re repairing your white balance in post-production, ensure that your monitor has been adjusted recently and that you’re exporting your files properly. These two things can make even a nice straight out of camera picture go wrong. 


To make a truthful notion of what the shoe looks like, you have to be sure you have consistency throughout your set. You wish for the color and lighting to be the same from picture to picture so your viewer doesn’t see the shoe as aqua in one frame and green in another, for instance. This will help out ensure the textures come throughout perfectly as well. 

Check your lighting, your central length, your aperture, and your relative frame to ensure that your pictures look the same throughout. 

Create proper shoe shapes

With boots or flimsier fabrics, you’ll require to generate the same shape you’d see when a shoe is worn. Tall boots that are flopping over aren’t appealing to any purchaser, for instance. 

For shoes with thinner fabrics or details as ribbons, you might have to get even further artistic. You can give the shoe additional structure with well-hidden florists’ wire. If a few happens to peek out, you can constantly clean it up in post-production.

Consider the context

There are various methods to deal with shoe photography, and your anticipated end product will differ depending on where and how the image will be used. 

You have to know what small details are essential to shoe shoppers in your particular market and which they don’t actually care about. 

Someone who’s considering to buy crib shoes for their baby will care about very various things than someone who likes diaphanous white sandals for their wedding day, for instance. 

If you would like the shoe to pop off the screen and entice consumers, you should pay attention to the differences in shape and the sheen of the stuff. 

With all of these suggestions, your next shoe shoot should be a gust. Make the attempt to produce pictures that are clean, neat, and desirable, and you’ll have happy customers selling shoes in almost no time.