07 May 2021

Amazon Product Photography – Simple Tips to Improve your Product Photos

Amazon Product Photography – Simple Tips to Improve your Product Photos

What Is Product Photography?

Well, product photography uses some methods to showcase the products in a stunning way to entice prospective consumers to make an acquisition.

It is an essential component of both offline and online marketing – be it catalogues, magazine ads, brochures, online ads, company websites, or billboards, explicitly while selling products openly to the customers.

Now, let’s more empathize as to why photos are so crucial while selling online.


Think Of a situation where you are selling products online, mainly on Amazon, and you are dropping consumers due to weak presentation of your product photography for the purpose of sales. Would you like to encounter this vision in reality? Of course, not!

In virtual business stages such as Amazon, extremely little things can make you money and price you loss.

Photographs of the products are the just means of showcasing the items to prospective consumers on online platforms. Thus, the photographs necessary to be productive enough to make the first impression.

10 Amazing Tips How Amazon Product Photography can be Improved

Important photography kit:

A lot of reasonably priced DSLR cameras for product photography are accessible in the market these days. Having a well-fitted out camera with a tripod is an essential part as it will assist you to capture your products in the manner you would like it to be shown.

No uses of wide-angle lenses:

Uses of wide-angle lenses might be detrimental to Amazon product photography. There is a great possibility that this will mislead your photos. You would absolutely not wish for anybody to see misleading photos of your product on Amazon.

Right aperture:

The photo which will define your product to your consumers might lose dept if the aperture of the photo is not correctly set. Your photo will go out of focus if it has a wide aperture than normal. In that situation, the picture will be of no use.

Product Photography Lighting:

Lighting is forever extremely valuable in the issue of product photography and it needs various treatments for various products. The demand for light for diamond jewelry and light for leather shoes will no way be the similar. However, both the products have comparable significance on the light throughout photo shoot.

Background selection:

Background of any product picture performs a huge role. If the background doesn’t go with the picture, then this can be enormously troubling for the consumers.

The background should vary on the light and product of the picture.

White balance:

White balance is one more essential thing to sustain in your picture. If your picture seems too white or less white then it might spoil the curiosity of your consumers.


Shadow factor of a photo is as crucial as white balance. Giving a comparable sort of notice to the shadow of any product picture is extremely valuable as it can also influence your product similarly as white balance.

Macro mode:

Amazon is a fantastic arena for all kinds of product. Small products as earrings and others are also a big stakeholder in the market. The macro mood of any DSLR camera would improve the value of pictures that consist of your small products.

Make Use Of a tripod or a steady surface

You shouldn’t make your prospective purchasers unexpectedly think that they need glasses to see your product. Instead, remove the possibilities of camera shakes. This can be greatest prevented by utilizing a quality tripod or perhaps, no matter what that has a steady surface – it could be just as a box or a book for that matter.

Your product will seem to be snappy and sharp, exactly the direction you want it to be.

Prevent placing extra items with the product

When it comes to online selling, retaining “openness” with your consumers is one of the main aspects. Photographing extra items along with the product may possibly mystify the customer and might affect drawbacks when they don’t get those accessories they had seen while buying.

Hence, it is essential to demonstrate simply what you are selling it to the consumers and not anything that they will not get at the time of delivery.


The tips mentioned above can support you to get quality pictures for Amazon. Besides, post-production works can also assist you to enhance your product photos.