15 Jun 2021

6 Smart packshot photography ideas – How to help improve conversions through photography

6 Smart packshot photography ideas – How to help improve conversions through photography

Packshot photography ideas is taking pictures of a product or service to signify it online and improve conversions for eCommerce stores. When applied properly, it can make a product attractive and connect the business’s brand identity in a recognizable manner.

This post will go into numerous ideas on how to enhances your packshots, and in turn, improve your brand appreciation and how your business is perceived.

1. Use the right camera

It is feasible to make use of a smartphone camera for packshots as it is now extremely typical for a phone to come out with a nearly professional level camera, with multiple lenses, flexible aperture, and ISO. If you’re utilizing a smartphone for your packshot, it should be a comparatively new phone. The phone camera should also have greater than 12 megapixels so the picture can be extended to a nice size and not miss details. If you intend to stay with a smartphone camera in the long term, spending in a few phone lens attachments can enhance your picture quality.

2. Get your shadows rights

Shadows can increase drama to your packshot but they can also be an impediment. When utilizing natural lighting particularly, it can be hard to get a means to get the composition set up at the ideal angle and then take a photograph that does not cast a shadow, but this can totally destroy your picture and change where the focal point is completely. Give attention to where you are holding and casting shadows.

Shadows, when applied properly, can add depth and dimension to your picture, making it more attractive to look at.

3. Learn to use editing software

The very crucial point about editing for packshot photography concepts is that you do not mislead how the product is shown. Editing software can be good for creating sure that the manner the picture is shown is true to life. For instance, if the product is green and the camera picture shows it with more of a blue color, then it is a good idea to modify the picture colors to make sure that it looks as closer to real-life as probable. This can be tough to get right, so if support is needed, check out our color correction services.

Even Though editing software is suggested for subtle changes, filters can pose a trouble. Filters, such as the ones discovered on Instagram, can change the color of the picture, which triggers your brand to come off as disloyal. It can also make it seem that you are secreting something about the product and will therefore devalue it or cause the purchaser to question the quality.

4. Consider the finest background for your brand

Although the background should signify your brand identity, a common rule is to ensure it is consistent during all your products or is at minimum a running theme through particular collections. Several companies choose for an easy one-color background, so the product being promoted is the major focal point. When going for a blank background, it is crucial to think about how you are going to apply shadows and even reflections. If you’re electing for a busier background, then testing with aperture is a must.

5. Think about shutter speed

Shutter speed is how quickly the shutter opens and closes when the picture is taken, which involves the amount of light taken in by the lens. If you’re altering the shutter speed, then the picture lighting should be changed appropriately. For instance, a long shutter speed in a well-lit room will affect overexposure.

The quickest shutter speed that your level of lighting will let without being too dark is nice for packshot photography concepts as it makes a sharp picture. This is not a set law though, and by looking into longer shutter speeds with various backgrounds, you might come across an impact you like that performs with your product.

6. Invest in a tripod

Tripods are also extremely valuable if combining a low shutter speed into your packshots as low shutter speed pictures must be taken without any movement at all or this will affect blurriness.

Even if you’re simply utilizing a smartphone for your pictures, there are still a lot of smartphone matching tripods to enhance your packshot photography ideas.

Beginning with the usual rules and then handing it your flair is a terrific way to progress. It is nice to simply take to time to discover a formula that works for your brand identity whilst showcasing your products in the highly attractive manner possible. Superb product pictures can also be utilized for social media content as another means to connect with your audience.

If you are still having a tough time producing high quality and keeping packshots, we can assist you with all phases of editing and catch your brand noticed! Get in touch with us today.