12 Jun 2021

5 Creative Toy Photography Ideas

5 Creative Toy Photography Ideas

Toy photography is an opportunity to get toys to life. Every Single photo might tell a story, frozen in time, in a globe where toys are prepared to be the key protagonists. But, the majority becomes stuck upon a single question where to begin? And so, our article today is devoted to clearing out your vacillations and to get you to begin clicking.

5 Must Try Toy Photography Ideas

Here we will be talk about a few of the best toy photography ideas in only a bit, but first, allow us to take a glimpse at what ideas we are discussing about.

1. Bokeh Technique With Toys

To start with, the bokeh method is a photography technique that can be accomplished in a number of different approaches. One might make use of certain bokeh filters or make use of their photoshopping skills to generate a bokeh effect, whereas others might utilize a monitor/ laptop/ tablet screen with a photo of the said impact as a background to their photography subjects.

But, today we will talk about a very much manual method to the bokeh technique which goes magnificently with toy photography. So, to keep this out, the materials you require are fairy lights or Christmas lights, an open and low light setting, and your choosing of toy.

Position your camera near to your toy on a surface which is at a space from where you have prepare your fairy lights. Make Use Of manual focus to focus on the toy, which in turn will generate a blurred-out effect on the background that will create the lights appear like small balls of light floating around. You can make use of a flash while clicking your picture if you choose or skip that part out. Finally, edit to boost your picture details and be fascinated by the results!

2. Levitating Toys

Yet another amazing concept is to make your toys levitate. But allow us to warn you that you will be requiring a few editing skills for this one otherwise you will be messing up your results. Also, this technique goes well with little figurine toys rather than huge toys like stuffed animals and other such toys.

For the arrangement, all you will be requiring is a tripod, your camera, your toy, and your editing tool. To begin, put your toy in your tripod stand. Keep In Mind that odd angles make the levitation seem further legit, but it is not obligatory. So, first, maintain your tripod and the toy apart and click a photo of your background in autofocus. Then take your tripod with the toy and place it before clicking your photos, once more in autofocus mode so that both your pictures have the similar background sharpness.

Then utilizing your anticipated editing tool, take the pictures in two layers and maintain the one with the toy in the front layer. Then edit out the tripod and repair the other picture details to make it appear realistic and there you have got your levitating toy!

3. Toy Reflections

Number three on our list is applying toy reflections. Again, this is a technique that can definitely be carried out in numerous different methods. But the key point of the method is applying a reflective surface. Toys with expressions offer the finest results for this scenario.

4. Props And Toys

Photography props have been utilized since the extremely starting and in all types of shapes and sizes. Although mainly applied by humans, since toys have comparable characteristics, utilizing props for toys is not a poor photography concept. Most times, this concept is finest carried out with multiple toys, but there is no law saying you be required to do that.

One can make use of natural props or artificial props in order to produce a realistic and humane scenario with toys instead. For instance, a sparkler behind a box branded as ‘TNT’ can be applied as a prop to imitate a blast in a position where a toy is attempting to run away from the range of explosion.

5. Colored Backdrops And Simple Setup

At the ending of our list, of exiting the toys in a naive background. Frequently in recent photography trends, we see easy mono-colored matte backdrops and a straightforward setup being utilized. This works terrific for toys, particularly toy cars since it provides the feeling that less can also be more.

This photography method involves easy colored papers which should complement the color of the toys and several possible miniature props.

Keep In Mind that appropriate lighting and choosing the most appropriate colors make or break the idea of this photography technique. All you need to do is set up the papers to make them look like a wall and the floor, then change the lighting so that your toy is in the limelight. Or you can make the entire set up under sunny light essentially select whichever seems finest in your mind. If you are utilizing miniature props, ensure to maintain it easy. Then continue to click your photographs and edit to make them even nicer.

To Summarize

To close the end, a piece of guidance we would like to tell you would be to find creative, express a story with your toy photography, and feast the gladness around because toys have been a gigantic portion of our childhood and to imprisonment them in all the different thoughts that go around in your mind because toy photography takes back a intelligence of nostalgia that is confidently a ecstatic treasure.

That’s all!