08 Jun 2021

5 Amazing Tips to Use Instagram for Your Photography

5 Amazing Tips to Use Instagram for Your Photography

In recent years, Instagram has maintained its straightforward photo-sharing function while at the same time expanding into a powerful marketing platform  offering a great chance if you’re in the photography business. Moreover, the epidemic and the subsequent lockdown actions caused a 67% surge in Instagram usage last year, which means good news for businesses depend on social media engagement. With so many people tuning in, posting pictures has become further crucial than ever. Here are 5 tips for specialists and amateurs alike looking to expand their photography businesses through Instagram!

1. Edit Your Work

Color correction can assist showcase the finest of your photography on the platform and provide your brand a distinctive look. This is particularly helpful for photography that demands to be shot multiple times for various versions, which is typically the case with e-commerce and wedding photography businesses.

Our own Color Correction Services can offer photographs the proper balance of shade, hue saturation and value, casting, and other, resulting in further balanced skin tones and removing reshoots that need various-colored backdrops or items. This lowers your photography costing as an entire and allows your pictures shine on the Instagram feed.

2. Have a Posting Strategy

Your business can connect more of your objective audience with a posting strategy that includes publishing relevant, quality content. While optimal posting times are obvious on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, social media specialist Neil Patel shares that stability matters more for Instagram’s algorithm, as related to posting time. You can still add this with Instagram’s analytics feature to see when your audience is highly active so you can post appropriately.

3. Utilize Hashtags

In a sea of millions of Instagram accounts, finding your objective audience to get your pictures is possible with hashtags. These are # symbols supported by text that take the lead to posts under the consequent topic. For example, a user exploring for film photography content be able to search “#filmphotography.”

This implies that the proper hashtags hold the power to relate you with your target audience  all without you having to compensate for promoted posts. There are various types of Instagram hashtags that you can work with. Community hashtags like #photographersofinstagram permit you to discover particular groups under your industry. Branded hashtags are particular to your brand identity and can utilize your company name or products. Meanwhile, promotion hashtags are short-term hashtags that correspond with any product launches, special events, or partnerships and are exceptional for improving engagement.

4. Interact with Your Followers

Connecting your followers doesn’t stop with persuasive content that they can simply find. Take the time to interact with them by responding to their comments and listening to the direct feedback. Involve behind-the-scenes shots or even a mini Instagram Story series on a day in the life of a paparazzo, for instance. When writing captions, text for stories, or answers, maintain your tone casual and conversational to earn the trust and devotion of your followers.

5. Include Video Content

There is no negating that video is one of the highly efficient marketing formats on social media. By sharing video content, you can draw further viewers onto your Instagram profile and inspire them to explore your feed. You can also connect existing followers with various kinds of content rather than only pictures. Posting videos on your feed won’t differ from the meant content. it can really assist you work around the Instagram algorithm and join audiences for longer.

It’s no mystery that other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest, can be utilized to develop your photography business. However, photography businesses produce products that are intended to be exhibited brilliantly for audiences to understand. And what safer manner to encourage them than through a photo-sharing app? For the ideal balance of photograph-sharing, user engagement, and marketing, no one does it as Instagram, and your business would do nicely to maximize it.