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Whatever design service you are looking for; be it Clipping path, Drop Shadow etc., we understand & acknowledge that the quality of the work relates to your brand image. With that note, we provide our prime focus to excellence. So far, our previous experience with our clients depicts that our clipping path & many other design service have been admirable. Quality with speed – with our efficient group people, we have been successful in providing our clients’ bulk amount of images at required deadlines.

Our Business is built upon the foundation of Trust; Trust of our clients. Let's work together & build that trustworthy relationship. - R.I Molla

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Our Services

Boost sales with photos that standout,
In Clipping Path service, the background is eliminated or cut out from an image. We provide handmade Clipping path with the use of Photoshop Pen Tool to have the finest possible output. Reliant on the degree or difficulty of the image to be cut we set the pricing.

Boost your look, boost your demand
We offer retouching services as per requirements by the Photographers and Designers. We have conquered Image Retouching, from the subtle art of rhythm; all the way up to Vast Digital Manipulation and Compositing. We have a fantastic team with the wonderful methods and tools for both Product and Model Retouching!

Handmade clipping path
This service is committed to save time for all the retouchers. Whether you are product or fashion photographer, we’ll split up every color of the product for you, so you can work as per your wish. Personal retouchers have various prerequisite & if you give that to us then we get on it quickly to adjust and delivery it on time.

Distinguish small details to perfection
Photoshop masking is the procedure of eliminating hair or fur from an object or model. Since hair strands are exceptionally thin, it is enormously challenging to separate them in an image. Comprehensive lengthy works and skilled editors are necessary to accomplish such complex work. To get a flawless and pro hair masking result from any image, our masking team has put great use to all the finest methods.

Pricing Guidelines

Simple Clipping Path

Images that fall under this type will consist of basic objects and shapes. Hence, they will need one or two split clipping paths at best. In Particular, these might involve items like a watch, earrings, a ball, or a t-shirt. These kinds of images need less anchor points; letting us to handle them faster – which is why our estimate is $0.29 per image only.

Medium Clipping Path

This category consists of a little more complex objects and shapes. These things will consist of multiple clipping paths and anchor points with larger curvature for objects like as figurines, shoes, or flowers. This kind of Images need more time and skill for succession. Thus, the cost for this type projects are at just $1.49 per image.

Complex Clipping Path:

Images that fall under this category contains variety of shapes, embedded transparencies, and shadows. These photos involve more clipping paths and anchor points compared to medium clipping path. In Particular, these might consist of elements like chandeliers, furniture, chain links, and plants. Such type of photos requires great efficiency & skill. Cost of these type of projects are just $7 per image.



Clipping path

Starting at $0.29 USD/image

Drop shadow

Starting at $0.25 USD/image

Ghost mannequin

Starting at $0.89 USD/image




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Outsource Clipping Path Service and Grow Up Your Business

Outsourcing clipping path services permits our consumers to concentrate on the endeavors that matter to them the highly. As a consequence, they have the capability to close extra deals, create more connections, increase their business, and operate the activities they signed up for, while allowing us to manage the editing. We facilitate photographers to propose an enhanced quality of service, too! In that manner photographers are featuring diminished turnaround times, better production values, a bigger work/life balance, and superior income.

Our Guarantee

Our professional team of graphic design experts is capable to deliver service at full satisfaction with a goal with to develop a sustained working relationship with you. For satisfaction, our concentration is on two key factors for all our services: Whatever of your working size, importance for delivery, or difficulty of work, we are completely equipped to deal you with the greatest quality of work within the due deadline leading to your guaranteed pleasure.

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